The Kitten Story

The Beginning of a Karaoke Hire Business

The two original owners of Black Kitten Karaoke Hire business.

It all began towards the end of 2021. Mel (she/they) and Candie (she/her) were sitting at Lucky Pigeon Brewing Company talking with the owners about entertainment in the area. Lucky Pigeon had been open for around six months and they were thinking of ideas for events for their taproom and after talking about their mutual love for Karaoke, the owners of Lucky Pigeon suggested having a Karaoke hire once a month. Mel offered to host using some of the audio gear that she had stored in her apartment.

With that, the decision was made! New Years Eve of 2021 would be the start of something special.

But, what would be the name of the company? What would stand out from other Karaoke, but Candie had an idea. She had recently adopted a kitten she named Rumor and her love for this little black kitten was out of this world. So, “Let’s call it, Black Kitten Karaoke“, she said excitedly. “Oh my word, that’s a great name! Yes!”, Mel replied and so, the start of a karaoke hire business, Black Kitten Karaoke was born.

The Karaoke Hire Company Grows

Over the coming years, Black Kitten Karaoke began its journey to attract those from the LGBTQIA2S+ community. It wasn’t unique, but it was uncommon to have a female hosted Karaoke. Mel’s enthusiasm and technical expertise became known around the area. Candie started referring to herself as the ‘Vanna White‘ of Black Kitten Karaoke, as she loved to perform, sing, and encourage others to get up on the mic.

A Karaoke Hire corporate event with Nonesuch River Brewing. Employees dance to others singing along.
Karaoke Hire for a wedding in South Berwick in York County. Wedding attendees dance together while we see the DJ stand playing music making them happy.

By 2024, Black Kitten Karaoke Hire had expanded out to providing audio and visual elements, so a decision was made to rename the company “Black Kitten Entertainments”. As of today, Black Kitten Entertainments, now provides DJ Hosted events, PA Hire, Karaoke, Wedding and Birthday events, Corporate events, and so much more.

Karaoke Hire owner, Mel stands in the crowd at Portland Pride 2024 proudly raising a transgender flag

Portland Pride

In June 2024, Mel took part in Portland Pride 2024 and walked alongside Nonesuch River Brewing, showing their support for the LGBTQIA2S+ community and particularly for the transgender community for which they are apart of.

You can follow their journey here.

Past and Present Clients